Lubricant Verification Process – Is your oil fit for use?

A major role of the Australian Lubricant Association (ALA) is to make sure that lubricants are “Fit for purpose”, a key initiative to do this is the Verification Request process.

A Verification Request Form (VRF) is raised for any lubricant that an organisation or individual may have a question about.  The VRF is used internally to keep track of the investigation and how it is progressing.

The verification request process commences with an organisation (the requestor) completing a Verification Request Form (VRF) for the lubricant to be investigated. Detailed information is provided about the product: who manufactures/imports/sells it, any product information (specifications, claims, test information), batch number, where the sample came from and how it was obtained. A separate VRF needs to be completed for each product that is to be investigated. 

The form when completed, is forwarded to an email address that is only accessible by the ALA Verification Team.  The Verification Team consists of a member of the Board and the Technical Committee that are not affiliated with any lubricant company. This is to make sure that there is no bias in the investigation.

The information is reviewed by the Verification Team, who may request further information to assist the investigation.  The Verification Team develop an internal VRF. In this internal VRF all information is removed about the organisation or individual that has raised the VRF (known as the requestor) and information which identifies who the lubricant company is (the manufacturer/supplier information) that is being investigated.  This “Sanitised” information is then reviewed by the Technical Committee.  The Technical Committee may endorse, or suggest further action, ultimately the Board is informed about the VRF and if required provide the final endorsement to proceed.  The Verification Team will then inform the requestor of the action (if any) that is to be taken.

Once the recommendation for action is approved the Verification Team will contact the manufacturer/supplier to notify them of the issue and the action required to address the issues identified.

The Verification Request Program does not include punitive steps. However, if the Supplier/Manufacturer refuses to respond, a provision may be made to refer the matter to a third party potentially the ACCC.  This is the last resort; the intention of the ALA is to provide technical support to organisations to assist them to address issues, rather than pursue punitive measures.

For more information about the Verification Request process or to request a VRF email:  Alternatively, you can go to the Australian Lubricant Association website: and click on “contact us”.

You can read more about the Verification Request Form in Lube Report Asia:

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