The Australian Lubricant Association

The Australian Lubricant Association (ALA) works with and represents the Lubricant industry, for the benefit of the wider Australian industry and the community to

• Increase knowledge of lubricants and their specifications

• Ensure that lubricants are fit for use and/or meet appropriate specifications

• Verify that product claims are not false or misleading

ALA memberships are used to benefit its members and the Lubricant industry through:

1. Seminars;
2. Networking opportunities
3. Representation to government and relevant industry associations;
4. Education;
5. Technical support;
6. Laboratory testing and ALA product certification
7. Industry statistics and information.


We work to assist and support the Australian Lubricant industry to the advantage of all Australians.


The association of choice, creating enduring value for members through an effective network and collective centre of knowledge and education

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